My approach to wedding and engagement photography is very emotion-centric. I believe that there is no picture more beautiful than one of someone in love, so I use my skills to capture specifically that – the emotion, the moment, the glow.

My outlook on how wedding photography should fit into your wedding day can be summarised in the following phrase:




This means that nothing should be more important than your marriage and the incredible adventure you will be experiencing on the day of your wedding. My role is to capture the true emotion and joy on the day as unobtrusively and naturally as possible, as I believe that the best memories are created in the moments of genuine, heartfelt interactions rather than staged for the camera.





This is not to say that you can't request the 'standard' posed photographs – be it group photographs with your family and wedding party or your newlywed portraits that you might require gentle guidance for.


My job is to make your wedding as carefree and enjoyable as possible, without the process of photography taking over the day and distracting you from living through this most incredible time in your lives.


The way you look at one another, the hug your parents give you, the tears, the dancing and the laughter – all of these memories are what you will cherish forever, and the photos that I take in those moments will make you smile time and time again in the years to come.


Every aspect of your wedding is as important to me as it is to you. I appreciate that you will have spent a lot of time and effort bringing your wedding vision to life alongside your wedding planner and your loved ones, so it is crucial that every little detail that you personally consider meaningful is lovingly captured and transferred into the final collection of your wedding images.


Naturally, the level of importance of images of décor, rings and shoes varies from couple to couple, so to make everything easier, I will always make sure that your priorities get discussed in detail and in advance.




Perhaps, the only photographs you will want to see are those beautifully candid shots of yourselves and your loved ones having the time of their lives during the day. Or perhaps, your wedding bouquet or dress will contain a hidden message from someone special, or parts of your tablescape will have been gifted by family and mean the world to you and therefore would absolutely need to be photographed. Finally, you might just like a beautiful balance of everything!


These are some of the things we will discuss in the run-up to your big day to allow me to tailor your wedding photography to you. No two weddings are the same, and neither are two wedding galleries. Your wedding will be as special to me as it will be to you, so when you trust me to tell your story, you can rest assured that I will treat your big day with all the respect, care and love in the world.