London Proposal Photographer | Romantic London Eye Proposal in Black and White

I adore photographing proposals. The raw emotion that I get to capture when what seemed like a regular day suddenly turns into the beginning of a lifelong journey for two people in love, is so electric and so touching! Being a part of something this special just never gets old.

Two weeks ago Guy organised his proposal to beautiful Maili. He chose the private pod of the London Eye to pop the question, while Michael and I posed as another couple on a date to make sure Maili didn’t get suspicious about the two strangers sharing their VIP pod with them. And it worked! The moment Guy went down on one knee and asked her to marry him came as a perfect surprise and resulted in the most endearing reactions.

This wonderful couple both really enjoy the look of black and white photographs,  so, as per their special request, their love story was told through the medium of black and white… And here are some of the moments from that wonderful evening.