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Recently I had the pleasure of working with an incredible paper flower designer, Susie of Tissue Blossoms. The blooms this talented lady creates out of paper are beautiful, whimsical and truly unique…


The shoot was styled by the amazingly creative Charlotte Munro who was only too happy to explain the inspiration behind the shoot. ‘Shot at the beautiful RSA wedding venue in the heart of London by the fabulously talented Sanshine Photography, this shoot was created to be a celebration of something so often missed in styled shoots, the bridesmaids! I wanted to keep the shoot on trend while showcasing the bridesmaid styles that would suit most body shapes and personalities. (The dresses are  from a label called Eliza and Ethan available from BOA Boutique)’.


‘To create whimsically beautiful and original wedding décor, I decided to go with the stunning paper flowers, a trend that is quickly becoming incredibly popular with fashion-forward couples. We were lucky enough to be able to work with the brilliant artist Susie of Tissue Blossoms, who creates magically big yet authentically real-looking flowers out of paper’…


From Susie: ‘When most people hear paper flowers mentioned, traditionally they envisage stiff three-dimensional laser-cut flowers. For this shoot I wanted to help change those perceptions by showing that paper flowers can be bold and surreal as well as soft and delicate. Designing with paper means that there are no limitations – the ability to dictate the colour and size of flowers and not rely on seasonal availability opens possibilities where sadly nature can’t. The longevity of paper also means that unlike real flowers, these blossoms make a wonderful keepsake and piece of art to be enjoyed for years to come. The giant Paper Roses represents the growth of the couple’s love together, blooming for all to see on their wedding day, and the choice of pastel colours for me represented the whimsical aspect of paper flowers and softened the look to appear more dreamy and delicate’.


‘The Paper Magnolia Branches were made to represent something old and something new. To create those, I use branches that nature is done using and I bring them back to life with beautiful paper blooms’.


Styling: Charlotte Munro | Floral Display: Susie of Tissue Blossoms | Hair and Make-Up: Halimah Abubaker | Model: Jodie Smith | Headpieces and Accessories: Donna Crain | Dresses: Eliza & Ethan, BOA Boutique

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