Winter cold took a step back to allow these two beautiful people to become engaged while visiting London! This day was definitely a proposal photographer‘s dream!


Here is what Greg had to say about the experience:

“I can’t say enough good about San and her husband, Michael. I was looking to propose to my girlfriend while we were on holiday in London and unfortunately a photographer was an after-thought. I emailed a handful of folks very last minute and San quickly responded. She had great suggestions for ideal places around the Tower Bridge (my selected location), but when she learned of my own idea/vision she completely switched gears into helping make my location/vision work.
She texted when she arrived on sight and was ready for us, remained completely blended in with Michael until I’d popped the question and signalled for her to join us.

This is when the fun began. Her and Michael were both genuine, hilarious, and clearly experts of their craft as we walked around the vicinity and where they found the perfect backdrops, angles, lighting, etc. All while sharing stories and laughs.
We didn’t feel rushed or forced into anything unnatural. We mentioned we weren’t the most photogenic people and they both offered a couple of tips!
Then the photos were personally the best pictures I’ve ever had taken.
If you’re looking for a photographer, I couldn’t recommend or imagine someone doing a better job”.