Testimonial: Hayley I

I’ve known San for many years, I knew her when she was just starting out taking photographs, and her talent for it was clear back then.  When my, now, husband proposed to me two years ago I knew that she was my only certainty – Sanshine would be at my wedding capturing the most important moment of my life.

San went above and beyond even before the day. She asked about the colour scheme, if there were any elements of the wedding that where important and needed to be captured, and unlike other photographers (who will try to get as much money from you as possible) – she pointed out the shots that wouldn’t really be needed and those that would be really important.

On the day she was the first face I saw as I exited the wedding car with my father, she was a breath of fresh air and my nerves melted away – she was a calming force, and made us laugh. She started as she meant to go on, she was running everywhere, and was consistent – she was even the one who told me I needed to meet with my registrar!

During the service I was unaware of her presence, but I have seen the pictures from the ceremony, and she was there!  Capturing the moments you would be unaware of – and the shots are stunning.  She did not overpower a single element of the ceremony, the memories from the service are of my husband, she was like a silent assassin armed with a camera.

San did warn me of the time (our service was late, so we were losing light) and ever the perfectionist she directed those that needed and managed to get us into the gardens for our group shots.  This is where Sanshine shone! She was acrobatic, climbed and threw herself around taking candid pictures as we chatted. My family were disorganised, and she organised them, something I as the bride couldn’t even do.

She wanted perfection from every shot, she really cared about us, and that was so clear! Her love, as well as our own, is captured in every picture. She did not stop, and since the wedding every single guest has commented on Sanshine, their glow, professionalism and attention to detail.

If you are trawling sites now looking for the perfect photographer – STOP! I can suggest no better to capture the best day of your life!

Thank You San!!!

Amazing Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer